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Where upon are the foundations thereof fastened

The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness. Who Will hear the Voice of the Lord .
I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried
stone a precious conerstone a sure foundation

Isaiah 28:16

The Power To Command
            By: Deborah Bahmer 2008 

There is a power in the Word of God to command and it belongs to every Child of God.

Jesus walked in all authority and power upon this earth as a man. He knew who he was in God and he knew the authority that was his through his Father God.

Jesus walked in what is often times referred to as “Commanding Power”. He understood what it meant to walk in authority and to have the power to command things that were not, as though they were and know that it would be done. He knew he had the “Commanding Power” of God, the power to command.

Jesus knew that as God’s child all that belonged to the Father belonged to him. he knew he had every right to every thing that belonged to his Father. He knew that as the Kings kid all the Kings power was at his command. He knew that when he spoke every "thing"  whether of this world or of the spirit world had to listen and obey. He knew that when he spoke to someone, who was willing to receive, that what ever he spoke would be done. Jesus knew that as the Kings kid he had all the Kings resources at his disposal.

Never one time in the Bible do we see Jesus pray for someone’s healing. He commanded them to be healed. When Jesus was asked to come and pray for Lazarus by the time he actually reached Lazarus’ home Lazarus had died. When they told him of Lazarus death and burial Jesus did not fall to his knees and pray to the Father to raise Lazarus, he walked to the place they had buried him and he “commanded” Lazarus to come forth. Jesus understood the power to command. He understood the authority that was his through his Father God.

When Jesus paid the price for mans sin He brought reconciliation between God and man. So therefore when we except Christ we become children of the King. We become Kings kids just as Jesus is. And as Kings kids we too have all the Kings power and authority at our disposal through the name of Jesus.

Over time Satan has done his best to blind the children of God as to who they really are in Christ and the authority they possess in His name. He did not want us to know what rights we had as Kings kids. He did not want us to know that the “power” of an almighty God was ours to command. He tried desperately to keep the fact hidden from us that we have the authority to command things that be not as though they were and fully expect it to happen Just as Jesus did.

The proof is evident in the Word of God… If we take but one example we can clearly see undeniable proof that as children of God we too have the power to command. In Acts Chapter 3 verses 1-8 we read of the lame man who lay at the gate called beautiful begging for alms. When Peter and John began to walk by him he looked up to them expecting to receive alms from them. And Peter looking upon the lame told him, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk”. Peter did not get on his knees and pray to God to heal the lame man. Peter understood the authority he had. He knew he had, in the name of Jesus, the Power to Command. He never once wavered, he reached out pulled the man to his feet and fully expected the man to walk. He knew when he spoke all of Gods Power, all of Gods resources were at his disposal. Peter fully expected that when he spoke what was not as though it were it would have to come to pass. And he expected it to come to pass immediately or he would not have reached down to pull the man to his feet. Peter fully expected his command to be obeyed and to be obeyed immediately.

Over the centuries the Church has developed a “some day” mentality. They have let loose of what rightfully belongs to them, the “Power to Command“! The Power to command the Word of God to produce, the power to command the hand of God to move, the power to command with expectation of it coming to pass “NOW”.

It is time for the children of God to dig into Word and find out just who they are in Christ, it is time for the children of God to spend time in prayer and fellowship with their Father so He can show them through His Spirit what belongs to them as His kids. It is time for the Kings kids to understand their authority and their right to command!